Friday, January 17, 2014

Chop It Up

The year has started off with poker tournaments galore, too bad I've only had time for one, so far! The Horseshoe's $150 (+$10) re-entry $25k ended up with 608 entries and $15k for 1st, but I read it was chopped 5 ways and the 'winner' taking only $8k and a seat to the WSOPC main event coming up.

Gold Strike held their Farewell Tournament last weekend, also a $150 (+$10) re-entry, closing their poker room for good. :( I didn't get to play in this one, as I couldn't be there for the 11am Day 2 start time on Sunday. If it had been at 2pm, I could've played, but oh well. They added almost $18k to the prize pool in leftover poker promo money. This brought 308 entries with 1st paying a little under $17k, but it was chopped. 7 ways for this one, with the chip leader taking $10,500.

I don't understand chopping 7 ways. Maybe I am too competitive (greedy? lol) or whatever, but if I'm at your final table, do not expect me to agree to one. Sorry, not happening! I have been at tables where the whole final table wanted to chop, it's ok to say no. Really it is! I did chop 5 ways once at Harrah's, 2nd in chips with 2 super short stacks. Dumbest thing ever. But my husband, who was in it, too, really wanted to chop. Like reallyyy wanted to chop. So, I reluctantly agreed that time, but I regretted it and vowed never again. I'd rather limp Aces from the small blind in a family pot than agree to a bad chop! Haha, seriously, though.

Down in Biloxi, I read the Beau's "Million Dollar Heater" $2600 main event was chopped 5 ways, as well. This time the chip leader gave up $90k. Ninety thousand dollars. Say what!? Yep. First place was paying $178k and he decided to settle for $88k. The four other players took $79k evenly. Ok. Somebody at that table is obviously one hell of a negotiator! I just don't see giving up that much money, he musta been scared to death. Bless his heart.

While it's true, I wasn't in his position, playing for that amount of money, so I can't really say what exactly I'd agree to or what I wouldn't, but it seemed like such a bad chop to me...I dunno. But I'm speaking as the chip leader here. If I were a short stack, of course I'd jump all over that deal as 5th place was only $32k. ;)

In other news, more tournaments are coming. Horseshoe Tunica is hosting the 1st ever series of a new poker tour called the Senior Poker Tour. It's for players aged 50+, so I don't know much about this one. It's already started and runs Jan 15th - 19th. It says the $550 main event final table will be live streamed.  That's cool. The schedule is here on 2+2.  Hope we see Memphis Mojo on the live stream!

The WSOP circuit event will start Jan 23rd at Harrah's and run through Feb 3rd. Then the HPO is coming to Hollywood Tunica. Which I find hard to believe because who plays there?? But they are coming anyway and bringing Chris Moneymaker with them. I can't find a schedule on their website, but someone posted it in a 2+2 thread here. It runs Feb 7 - 16th.

So, lots of poker to be played around here. Hope I can be available to play some of them! glglgl :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Horseshoe $25k

So, Horseshoe has their 25k guarantee tournament running this weekend in the newly opened poker room, which is really nice, by the way. They did a great job with everything, even including a players lounge in the bar area where you can wait for your name to be called. I spent some time in one of their comfy lounge chairs last night while using the free wifi (yes!), as I was alternate number 56 in the tournament and they were on 33 at the time. Please excuse the crappy pics, I am the worst iPhone photographer in the world, sorry.

I really thought that most players would either be in Choctaw for the WSOP circuit or in Biloxi for the $500k guarantee in their Million Dollar Heater series. I wasn't expecting such a large turnout, but the board said 196 players for the 1st of 3 starting flights. (They said 195 on facebook.) So, yea, much larger than I was expecting with 2 more flights to go on Saturday. It is a re-entry through level 7.

Remember how I said that because I had busted my last 2 trnys before the 1st break, I wouldn't be playing a single hand until after the 1st break in my next tournament? Yea, well that came true as I didn't even get seated until after the 1st break, ha! I was finally seated halfway through level 5 at 100/200/25 with 50 bbs. I had the option of waiting for the blind or posting in the cutoff. I'd already been waiting long enough I thought, so I posted $225 and jumped in, picking up AKo for my 1st hand. I raised to 700 after an MP limper and got 4 callers. Nice. AA5 flop and all fold to my cbet. Off to a good start!

Then my next hand in level 6 at 200/400/50 was kinda interesting, I get AQo in the cutoff and raise to 1100 over 2 limpers. The button and big blind call, the limpers fold. I slightly cover both. The flop comes J 6 7 rainbow. The BB checks and I decide to check as well. I'm really trying not to auto-cbet every flop when I raise pre like I have in the past and I've only been at the table a few rounds at this point, so I'm still in the process of getting reads on these guys. The button checks behind.

The turn brings a Q and a diamond flush draw. BB checks, I bet 2000 with my TPTK. The button folds, but the BB, a 30ish black guy with headphones calls. I hadn't been there long, but I did notice the BB was kind of a sticky player. If he was in the hand, he didn't like to fold. As I'm thinking about his possible turn calling range, the river brings a non-flush deuce, essentially a blank, and he leads into me for 2500. Hmmm

So the board is J 6 7 Q 2 and this feels an awful lot like a turn float/stab at the river type of bet to me. But is he a good player? He has headphones. Is he good enough to make a thin value bet fearing I will check behind if he checks? Does he even know what a thin value bet is and does he think I would know what it is. How does he perceive me? Does he think I delayed-cbet the turn with AK and will fold if he bets? Wouldn't he raise the turn rather than donk-lead the river, which was a blank? So many more questions were going through my head. I thought about it for a little bit, the pot was pretty big and his bet was small. Ugh. It's either a really thin value bet with 2 pair or total air. Which is it? In the end, I decided it was such a weird line, it didn't make sense and the price was too good to fold even though if I was wrong I'd be super short stacked. So, after a short tank, I slid out the call and was relieved when he was reluctant to turn over his hand. I flipped my AQ and he mucked. Yes! High five, y'all lol.

After that highlight, nothing really interesting happened. Was moved a couple of times and it's pretty tough to get reads/pick good spots to chip up when you keep getting moved to new tables. Meanwhile, the blinds and antes are catching me and I'm at 15 bbs towards the end of level 9. They were playing down to level 13 or 24 players (I think), whichever came first.

At 600/1200/200, I get Q2o in the big blind. The villain from the previous hand has just been moved to my table and he limps in UTG +1. It folds to the SB who calls. I check. The flop comes out J 2 2 and I am thinking BOOM! The SB and I check to the limper, I check because I know he will bet. He bets 2500. I plan to raise his turn bet. The SB calls, though. Hmmm. He's an older fellow and I put him on any Jack from JQ-J7 and possible small pairs, 77-33. A2 and K2 cross my mind, but that would be such a cooler...I call.

The turn is an 8 bringing a possible diamond draw. We check to the limper again, he bets 2500 again. Weak. I'm getting ready to shove when the SB surprises me with a check-raise. Wait, what?? So, now I'm really hoping he is the type of older man who overvalues top pair hands. I'm doubting, but I'm hoping. I'm just so short, though, I have to shove. Can't fold now. The limper folds and the SB snaps with J2.

Yep, J2 vs Q2 and the board has to come with 2 2. So, I went out in the mid 50s of 196 with 24 advancing. :(

Bad beat story, sorry. But if the UTG +1 limper had only raised like he's supposed to, that could've been avoided. But I can't blame others, so I'll own up and say it's my fault for not squeeze-shoving over 2 limpers from the BB. My bad. I know. Oh, well. Hindsight and all that. Can't re-enter today as I'm working. Next tournament will be the WSOP circuit. See ya then.